The Illicit Encounter

You now have reached the most crucial step: THE ADULT ILLICIT ENCOUNTER

  • When can you ask her to meet you?
  • How can you tell her that you would like to meet her?
  • Where should you have the casual encounter?
  • How to take that date to the next level, the SEX level?

Our Guide will answer all those questions above. Before asking a girl out, you will have to show some patience and communicate with her for a couple of hours beforehand. During those hours spent getting in touch with her continuously, she should start showing you interest. Make her laugh; push her to be interested in you. Do not talk to her in an offensive manner, and do not waste her time, understood? If you ever think that you are not at the stage where you can ask her to meet up with you, wait, WAIT and work harder; and if by any chance you notice that there is no point in keeping talking to her, stop and jump to the next one You are still young and there are plenty of hot babes in this world waiting for you

Now how to ask her to meet up with you? This is simple, suggest her a nice place and ask her if she would like to join. “Do you like sushi? I know this great place in Manhattan New York that you will love”, “This lounge has the BEST mojitos in Paris”, “This place has delicious chocolate based products here in Montreal, you will adore it”. If she doesn’t answer you, that means that you didn’t entertain her much and she might be scared of getting bored with you. You will know here that you better work hard next time. BUT GUYS, don’t be stupid: if she says that she is not ready to meet you and she would want to get to know you better…FAIL!! Women are very impulsive, if they really want something, if they see something they like, they would try to get it right away. If you don’t feel like she wants you, know that you didn’t please her much.

Where should you have your first date? Always try to think about an interesting place that requires a short time for a small meeting. Get away from dinners as much as you can, imagine she says: “DAMN!! This gay is soooo not cool…how am I going to last with him till the end of this dinner?” Choose a coffee shop, not any though, but the cozy quiet coffee shop on your street, or also a small bistro-lounge. Always try to come before the music is loud so you can have a conversation with your lady.

Finally, how to end up having sex after this date is what you will see in the next and final step. Get ready to be a MAN!!

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