Sexual Encounter – The Basic Fundamentals

This guide will help you explore the easy ways to fulfill your fantasies and find your illicit encounter without getting caught by your girlfriend, if you have any. You are lucky you are living in this era, an era where Internet is dominating and giving you the opportunity to communicate with horny people and get to meet them via the different sexual encounters websites. So, Why not take advantage of that ?!!

What are the basic fundamentals of a Sexual Encounter? Throughout our guide, we will show you the right steps to follow in order to meet your fantasies and find your sex buddy. The first golden rule is to surf and read in details the content and user opinions on the adult encounters websites. Why READING PERSONAL OPINIONS is very important? For the simple fact that some of those sites require you to pay for memberships. And when money gets involved guess what happens? … You lose your motivation and you will stop your chase for sexual encounters…And this is what WE ARE HERE FOR! We are here to put you on the right track and show you what are the BAD sexual encounters websites like and what you should be expecting if you end up registering and paying for a membership.



If you did not notice it already, IT IS TIME YOU DO! Those websites have NO FEMALES and you would be very very lucky if you find one. Illicit encounters on such websites become a MISSION IMPOSSIBLE.

When you try looking for websites about adult encounters, you will find free websites but also websites that require you to become a member and pay. Unfortunately, the con of free sex encounters websites is that they are a source of attraction for everyone and thus, have trashy users. Those users are usually ugly, poor, desperate, retards, drug addicts, and the last thing they want people to talk to them about is sexual encounters.

In opposite, illicit encounters websites that require a membership fee will usually provide you with better clients with a good strong will to meet and HAVE CASUAL ENCOUNTERS.

Just think about it: if you are alone, lonely, horny, married but your wife is not alone, and you wish to explore the pleasure and new fantasies with a new person, you will be joining a community having the same needs as yours, looking for the same criteria as yours. When a consumer pays for a product or a service, which shows how badly he wants what he is looking for. Price here will be an indicator that will measure how badly he wants that product or service. If you apply this to your situation to FIND YOUR SEXUAL ENCOUNTERS, you will quickly understand that the high end adult websites with high prices will enclose rich people wanting to meet up during amazing activities like going sailing, traveling together to Bermuda etc. On the other hand, low end adult websites that will still require you to pay a small amount of money, will have users that are more down to earth, willing to have an illicit encounter by starting more in a restaurant, movies, and coffee shops.

Now back to the free websites…..Many if not most of the people are looking for free websites to have free encounters and one nightstands. Do you really think that now, in 2011, you can still find free sex?? NO!! SILLY!! The simple fact of inviting a woman to a coffee will cost you MONEY!

Stop looking for free sexual encounters; THEY DO NOT EXIST!

As far as we are concerned, the best two websites have been xxxMatch for long-term sexual encounters and Adult Friend Finder for one nightstands and short-term encounters. Unfortunately, you will always have to find and pick a new lady on Adult Friend Finder..But is it that bad? I will let you meditate…

Once you have read the personal opinions and found the adult website that suits best your needs, go to step 2 of our ultimate guide:

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