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On December 27, 2011
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We tried Getiton and we LOVED it! It's a fuckin good sex personal ads sites! You should Try!!

Getiton ReviewsGuys, we are honored to present to you today the NUMBER 1 PERSONAL ADS SITE.

The first time we talked about GETITON was right after its launch date. has been knowing a fast-paced growth since then as well as outstanding results which positioned it at the VERY TOP of our list of recommendations.

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What is the most recent news about Getiton. The number of users has increased a lot since we last reviewed it and the amount of memberships registered has augmented exponentially. As any other site, you can be a free member, however, you will be getting a limited access. Now the good thing about is that the free membership access is much better than any other sites and offers you a diversity of features that you won’t find elsewhere for free.

When you first register, you will have to fill a questionnaire. Now I know how much pain that is, but it is worth the effort and it guarantees that you are dealing with real people and thus, real encounters J In the case the impatience starts to dominate, choose the most positive options in the questionnaire and registration steps to skip them as fast as possible. Then you enter your info and create your account.

Now log in and start your adult search. Getiton provides you with an option where you can search for the best match, however we all know that the safest guaranteed way to find your partner is by looking at the profiles by yourself, manually, and use your senses to differentiate the real profiles from the fake ones, which are very few by the way compared to the other personal ads websites.

Here is a summary of what you will be seeing on Getiton:

– A questionnaire that is very easy to fill. You will have to be patient and give it a couple of minutes. If you start losing your patience, start quick selecting, or better just pick the most positive answers right from the start

– An ‘Upload your Picture’ feature like other sites, allowing you to upload High Resolutions photos and add them to your profile.

– A big diversified pool of members creating a very strong database

– An option to send what you know as winks or flirts.

– A feature to send messages and instant chatting

– A complete Video and Audio support

– Build a Hotlist (pretty standard in all sites)

– An option to see who blocked you on Getiton as well as who are the members is currently online

We highly recommend It is a new world with new REAL people that will guarantee you unforgettable sexual encounters and dates. Go For It! What are you waiting for!!

Getiton‘s Free Membership is very simple and easy to use. Give it a shot! You got nothing to loose !! Don’t waste your time filling your profile in details – of course you will have to fill a minimum – but just go for the hunt RIGHT AWAY!

Now of course, your chance in succeeding in your adult search will increase a lot if pay for the membership. We just ran out of promo codes, however much more will be coming shortly – you will be able to see them in the future right next to the title of this review.

GETITON’s prices are as follow: It starts at $27 and increases based on the length of your membership. Like all the other dating and personal ads sites, the more time you register for, the less money you will pay.


– Try not to use the automated ‘best match’ search and hunt for yourself, by yourself.

– Aim for the profiles that look real. And how does a profile look real? Well start first and foremost by her description on the profile. In case the descriptions is shorter than 5 meaningful lines, know that the member is coming on GETITON just to try the site and might never come back.

The following is our brand new data statistics concerning Getiton: Most Recent Data Statistics



Overall Site Rating

9 out of 10

User display


Man to Female ration

1 woman for every 2 guys

Number of sent messages

130 sent messages

Number of replies

47 real answers

Number of dates that occurred

23 different dates

Number of hookups that occurred

17 different hookups

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