How to Get Women in Your Bed

Now that you have gone through our ultimate guide and corrected your bad flirting habits, you are all set to plan the one-night stand! If you respected every single advise we gave you till now, women should be ready to start following you. The cab for example is a good way to try to get a woman in your bed. Take a cab, you will have the opportunity to sit on the backseat with her and kiss her. The nice thing about meeting women from personal ads websites is that you will always end up with one of the 2 possibilities: a casual encounter that will lead to another casual encounter….or a sexy naughty night! In both cases you are the WINNER! Note also that when you leave and you know that something is going to happen for sure, ask her if she would like to come over or not. Usually single women would rather you come since they would think it is more clean, comfortable and safe and their place. Married/committed women would prefer to come over. If you kiss in the cab for example, you know write away that you can take her to your room right away. If this doesn’t happen, and she still agrees to come over, start with another drink, followed by some kissing and rubbing, then when you feel that you are both ready, switch to the SEXUAL ENCOUNTER

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