How to Write Your First Message

How to approach women for the first time if we are looking for a adult encounter? This question is frequently asked. Now let us ask you this…What are you afraid of? Last time I checked, no girl ATE a guy!

It is our duty to tell you on how we contact our ladies. First off, refrain from sending any long messages; they are just boring…If you write her your life story, what will you have to say when you actually meet her? The first communication with the lady should only be an expression of your interest towards her. THAT’S ALL! But CAREFUL, if you do not write a minimum, she might not answer you.

So, how to show women that you are interested in a sexual encounter? A short message of 4 to 5 lines is more than enough, and can englobe everything you need to say. Give her a compliment or a nice comment about her profile and profile picture, but please, BE ORIGINAL, and especially, CREATIVE! Don’t say things like: “I think you are very pretty and you have beautiful eyes.” NO, she hears that billions of times a day…Take for instance the example of a girl water skiing whose profile states that she loves boat trips, this is how you could approach her: “Wow, you look like a water skiing pro, I never got the chance to try it, but I strongly recommend you surfing, a bit harder that water skiing, but the feelings you will get are sooo worth it! I would love to teach you how to surf someday if you are interested J Have a wonderful day – Dave”

As you can clearly see, we demonstrate in this message an interest towards the person itself and not only towards her beauty. Also , we do not mention the sexual encounter intention. We are offering the lady an opportunity to explore something new, and we look mature and trustworthy. Here is an example of what NOT to write:

“Hello, I think you are very cute, in contrary to my ex-girlfriend. My name is Mark, I am 29 years old, and I have a young boy of 8 years old. I work as an accountant for a firm but I do not like my job much, way too boring. I have been single and alone for the past 3 years. I would love to meet up with you; you are super hot! I really like you and I promise you that I will never make you cry and I would do anything to please you. If you want, I would like to invite you this Friday night to a restaurant of your choice. I would love to meet you. Here is my number xxxx. See you soon ~ Mark”

In this message, Mark will not get the chance to have a one-night stand. His message is way too long. Who has time to write long emails to ladies and complain about his miserable life? Who has the time except someone who lacks a social life. As you noticed, throughout the message, Mark talks only about the beauty and hotness of the girl. He also doesn’t show initiative by telling her to pick the restaurant, which is the MEETING PLACE. Mark has been alone for the past 3 years; he surely didn’t have a sexual encounter since. He shows a constraint right from the start “I have an 8 year-old boy” which indirectly means that I cannot go wild much. Mark doesn’t like his job, but he doesn’t have a choice. Who is willing to meet Mark? NO ONE! He even compared the girl to his ex-girlfriend!! He is definitely ending up at home with his hand, and no illicit encounter.

I think you understood now that simple, short and concise are the way to go. Don’t let Miss get bored for even one second. Don’t mention sex or any one-night stands at the beginning, it is way too early for that. Show interest, look a bit mysterious and she would LOVE to get to know you more.

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