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On December 18, 2011
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If you are looking for sex, Subscribe on xxxMatch. It's EASY & QUICK ! We loved this site! – Overview

Frankly, I spent more time testing AffairsClub than XXXMatch, since I was testing both at the same time. But for what it’s worth, I thought the results I had with XXXMatch were quite acceptable.

XXXMatch – Results

Even with the little time I spent on XXXMatch as a member, I still engaged in 13 dates, 10 of which ended at my place, since my ideal setting was me cooking dinner for them. Hey, it’s less expensive for me and we’re already at my place by the time we’re done. Even being a man I refused some dates with girls I knew that I wasn’t gonna sleep with. However, to get to those 13 dates, I had to send a little over 60 emails. At least the results were pretty good.

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XXXMatch – Yes, No, Maybe?

I’ll keep it simple for you and list what I liked vs what I didn’t like on XXXMatch.

XXXMatch – What I didn’t like

  • Works better for people who live in a big metropolis, not that good for small towns
  • I don’t know if it has anything to do with the demographics but, in comparison to SexSearch, let’s say that the average woman on XXXMatch had “more to love”, if you know what I mean.
  • The online chat has an amazing array of options and features for you to use
  • The user IDs for IM or emails are not hidden, thus making it simpler to get a girl’s contact information
  • The response for dirty chatting or cybersex video chats was quite good, better than the average sites – Don’t make beginners’ mistakes

What you need to do is not to be one of those regular types who post pictures of their dick and think that’ll get them somewhere. Stand out, be different, it’ll work out much better for you on this site. I mentioned earlier on how amazing their online chat is and if you get the chance to have a virtual date with video with a girl, that pretty much seals the deal. Don’t forget to wear more than your briefs though!

XXXMatch fees

XXXMatch won’t send you on welfare mode with its pricing, but that doesn’t mean it’s crazy cheap either. Basically, you’ll have to dish out around 75$ for a 3 months GOLD membership, or about 60$ for a SILVER one.

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