How to Create Your Profile to Find Your Sexual Encounter

In order to create the PERFECT profile for sex dates, you have to think of one thing: you are not here to show off and talk about yourself, you are here TO CREATE THIS ENVY of meeting you. Whether this is the truth or not, the important thing is that women need to convince themselves that they can give you a chance to get to know you and meet you.

But, be careful…if you lie and get caught by any chance, you will have to deal with the consequences. Hence, don’t make up things, make of your boring and superficial personality, a better one that is more DYNAMIC, more SPONTANEOUS, MORE FUN!!

Don’t transform your profile page into a history of your past relationships. Your profile is NOT the place to dump your misery. NO!! NO!! NO!! IDIOT!! Your profile should describe the most attractive aspects of you, for example: you, Mr. X, are a single young man seeking a woman who is willing to join you in your passionate crazy adventures, a woman full of energy looking to explore new arts, new cities, and new activities… You Mr. X, are 30-40 years old, but you are not dead. Actually you are ALIVE more than ever. You are looking for a partner that is as energetic and full of life as you, or willing to be ALIVE again!

Do you see now how you need to approach women using your profile? Say that you like swimming, beaches, surfing etc. but DO NOT SAY that you like playing online games, or gambling. That is the only way to guarantee an adult casual encounter. Now that you were able to grasp this, let’s jump to step 5, how to write your first message.

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