Find Your Sexual Encounter: The Online Tactic

The Ultimate online tactic to find your sexual encounter online is the following: Be comfortable with yourself, with your body, with your personality. Now, how to show that you are comfortable in your own skin? Please refer to the different elements listed below:

  • Your Profile/Display picture
  • Your Photo Albums
  • Your Profile Description
  • Your method to get in touch with a lady
  • Your method to get to meet the lady
  • The right moment to switch to SEX

If you work carefully on those above-mentioned elements, we guarantee that you will find your Adult Encounter and will have the fuckfriend you have always wished to have.

Now you might be asking yourself how we can be so sure. This is simply because women do not like the following:

  • Men who get bored more than they do
  • Lonely men/guys how have no friends
  • Men who do not take care of their look and tidiness
  • Depressed and desperate men

Choose The PERFECT Profile Picture

Your profile picture is very important, yet crucial. It is the button that will ignite your success in finding your adult partner in your ‘looking for sex’ journey. Based on the opinion of many females, those do not reply to emails whose sender has no profile picture. Note that a picture of you surrounded by many women will give girls the impression that you are a big disrespectful player. Also, a picture of you surrounded by other men is not the best idea either; women might get confused and won’t know which one you are, or might also start fantasizing about your friends. Moreover, a picture of you taking a photo of yourself in front of the mirror shows the women how lonely of a person you are and they might start wondering if you got any friends….DUDE IT IS TIME FOR YOU TO WAKE UP AND GET A F***IN LIFE!! You will never get a sex date if you keep doing so….Ask a friend, your ex, a member of your family to take a picture of you. Nothing is wrong with natural pictures where you are smiling, looking happy, looking like the actual you. Don’t take pictures where you are acting like a happy man, or doing a fake smile showing your ugly teeth if you got any etc. .. Be Natural, be yourself. Simple is beautiful. It is the best source of attraction for ladies and it will hedge your opportunities in getting any casual encounter you dream of.

Pick The RIGHT Pictures For Your Photo Albums

It is not the quantity that matters, it is the QUALITY!!! The goal here is to pick a couple of pictures of you, giving the females you are seeking the envy to meet you and have an adult encounter with you. You should NOT select pictures that will push you away from females. Pictures of the AdultFinder type should contain those 3 main criteria: You look handsom, you look that you succeeded in life, and finally, you look friendly, easygoing and outgoing. Thus, put pictures of you on a trip somewhere, or during a party with friends, a picture of you well dressed, or even a picture with your pet if you have any J. The weakness of women is mostly puppies and little cats…plus, this shows that you are cute and have a heart

Once you have understood how to pick the right pictures for your profile and photo albums, you are all set to jump to the 4th step of our guide on finding your sexual encounter.


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